Gallery Healthcare

Symmetry services include but are not limited to:

  • Furniture Assembly and Installation
  • Reception Area Installation
  • Kitchenette Installation
  • Common and Meeting Area Set Up
  • Millwork
  • Cabinetry Installation
  • Fixture Installation
  • Repair, Maintenance and Resurface Programs
  • Site Surveys and Record Keeping
  • Staff Break Areas
  • Private Office Furniture Set up
  • Cubicle Assembly and Installation
Portfolio – Healthcare
He lives in a facility installed by Symmetry.  Can’t you tell? Cabinets, counters and class all courtesy of Symmetry Installations. A beautifully executed entrance is a great way to greet your clients. Comfy and cozy.  Furniture assembled and installed by Symmetry. Now this is a waiting room worth waiting for.  Very, very cool. You have to admit, this is a stunning reception desk. The right panel systems, the right furniture and the right installation all come together so well. Symmetry works with a variety of materials that are necessary in a medical setting. Furniture for this environment needs to be sturdy and assembled properly. The right panel system helps provide the most discreet and confidential environment.
Portfolio – Industrial
Our Site Surveys are performed only by the most qualified individuals. Symmetry Installations performs a variety of special services for our clients. When you have a need for custom racking to be installed….just call us. Best Buy 016 All of our Forklift drivers are not only trained, but they are certified as well. Let us help you organize your inventory…or even help you count it! From the biggest item to the smallest detail, Symmetry makes it a one stop shop. Symmetry personnel take your business seriously….we are in it for the long haul. This type of shelving is great for Back of House storage as well. Symmetry is the best all round service company you’ll find.  Try us once.